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Live Your Life Now & Achieve Your Goals

Your Life Reimagined!

Are you asking yourself, "Where do I go from here?" Has the fear of the unknown caused you not to take that first step, or have you encountered various circumstances in life which has you discouraged and questioning; is happiness and success for you? As your Life Empowerment Coach, I'm here to assist and motivate you to live a healthy life and achieve your goals, and regain your confidence.

In efforts to supporting clients for breakthroughs, Coaching Into Excellence has created a method that is both belief- and behavior-based to help provide a better way of living. In addressing and removing negative blocks that has been hindering positive growth. Together we will strategize an unique action plan to overcome obstacles and take that next leap forward. 

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About Me

As Certified Life Empowerment Coach (PCC), I specialize in helping people identify and achieve their personal goals by approaching the issues that are causing them not to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life. It’s my vision to see others flourish. I’m humbled by the progress and success of those who have shared their visions and goals with me and allowed me to offer my services in motivating them to set forth plans to success. 

My motto is, "Be Happy & Live Healthy™"​​

I am a Wellness and Health Advocate and an Independent Distributor. I promote and sell healthy nutritional supplements and products. As a former fitness competitor I take the products and have experienced great benefits. I believe in being a product of the product. It's my mission to help others live a healthy and successful life. Click link below for more details.

Through my book, The Window of My Soul, A Journey of Hope, it is my heart’s desire to inspire and empower people to live a good life. To help them break barriers that have been holding them hostage and keeping them from making their dreams a reality. I believe all things are possible if you believe!

In my memoir I share as a young girl, when I sat by my bedroom window dreaming about what my life would be, hoping for a better destiny, but not being able to see out because of the chaos within. Growing up facing trials after trials, I learned the power of faith. In my journey, I was able to see through the eyes of God and overcome obstacles, and I never gave up. 

My book is available on all digital e-book formats and other book distributors worldwide. 

Click 1st link below for more insights of Total Life Changes Wellness Products. 2nd link is for my book purchase options on Amazon. 

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Keep Going!

At times it may feel like your on a mountain all alone, no one to encourage you, backing you up.  Your giving it your all and you keep pushing yourself harder and harder, asking yourself is it going to pay off. Is it worth it. My answer to you is "YES" it will. Your dreams, your visions, your life, your health and most importantly it's leading to a greater destiny. If you don't believe and work hard at something, you'll end up with nothing and empty.

Your purpose in this journey called life is amazing and your testimony is going to help others keep going. We can learn from you and have the inspiration to never give up and keep going!

April Lynn

Be Happy & Live Healthy!™

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Thought-Based Approach

I offer an array of communication and visualization skills to provide coaching services that give clients the tools for success. In addition to 1-on-1 consultations, mentorship and group sessions, I am available for speaking engagements at workshops, seminars and group homes, shelters and youth organizations.
With my extensive Customer Service experience background and knowledge, I'm equipped for company life coach training sessions for employees, in developing techniques to strengthen their customer service skills while learning to cope with life challenges.

Life Coaching Session

Guidance & Inspiration

In life's journey there are challenges, fears and setbacks some people may encounter that can throw them off balance, and it can take them to a place of uncertainty. In other instances others may need assistance in prioritize various tasks for a more peaceful and healthier living.

In this Life Coaching Session service clients are assisted in all aspects by developing awareness, self-improvement to gain confidence to reach their full potential and becoming better organizers to manage daily tasks and goals. It's designed to inspire clients to become overcomers by active listening and understanding the clients desires for newness and providing action plans to greatness. 

Youth Mentorship Program

Coaching Into Excellence mission is to provide mentorship in wisdom and guidance based on the youth his or her own experience and needs. Like coaching, mentoring focuses on solutions rather than problems and encourages them to know all things are possible as they set goals to achieve. The vision is to invest time and effort to reach as many youth, possible. Be motivating, encouraging, positive and empowering. Provide intellectual and practical support in the progress of their success.

  1. Providing quality educational, innovative mentorship and nurturing awareness to build up confidence. Coaching Into Excellence aims to help create paths out of unfavorable situations through motivation, vision boards and affirmations for the youth and those at-risk.

  2. Empowering them to resolve current issues of low self-esteem and to develop goals for coping strategies for the future. Acknowledging their strengths, talents and gifts and encouraging them to find ways to use them.  Coaching Into Excellence is geared to assist the youth with coming up with a roadmap to help them strategize a plan to accomplish goals.

Career Coaching Session

Embrace Life’s Challenges at The Workplace

As the corporate world is rapidly evolving the demands of the company are changing. Often times it can be an overwhelming effect in customer service sales and levels, especially when an employee is dealing with personal issues. One of the keys to providing excellence customer service experience, increase sales and maintaining loyal consumers is an employee that can establish a healthy happy life and career.

In this Career Coaching Session service, it is my job to share tools and techniques with the company employees to achieve a balanced and fulfilling working lifestyle. After this session employees will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise.

If the employee has an interest to continue a 1-on-1 personal life coaching sessions, it will be provided by Coaching Into Excellence, Life Empowerment Coach April Lynn Nix. The employee then client is solely responsible for fees towards services render and details will be given after the Discovery Call or Consultation Session. 

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Self Care Talk
April Lynn The Window of My Soul, A Journey of Hope
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Schedule A Session

*The Discovery Call is a 35 min to 45 min, can lead up to 60 min free consultation. We will discuss how I can assist you in reaching your highest potential. Please fill out form with info requested so a time can be set up for you. As you commit to life coaching services packages will be discuss after the Discovery Call.

*Career Coaching Sessions for businesses. Fill out form with company name, contact person and info, group size and location. Career Coaching services rates will be discussed with the facilitator of the company and Life Empowerment Coach, April Lynn.

(Response to email inquires are within 48 to 72 hours)

Thanks for submitting!

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